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Gegner die sich lohnen zZ, wenn man fighten will mit Herausforderung:
1. Vabbi
2. FSP
3. Kodasch
4. Deso (RiBa)* Riverside (Lyroc/Disco)* UW (Tpot Reset, Flextom)*
mit Viel Abstand
5. Gandara, wenns mal n Zerg gibt (Liberius)*, BB (4 Gilden Handholding)
Alle anderen nerven einfach nur.
Sternchen: Hier kommt wirklich auf die Kom an
Hi Flex,
the efforts to improve our zerg are noticeable. At least according to the opinion of a player in the german forum, who sees us / our fighting skills on the fourth place of all servers.
Okay, it’s only the opinion of a german player, but it shows, we are on the right track.
So, keep going with the good (sometimes annoying) work.
Quote follows.
Good to hear that other people notice it :) Thanks for letting me know :D Could you send me the link of the forum please? :) Cheers
DamiVlad aka Estragom the Herald, Babuslav the Tempest, Jaukeur the Reaper, Vauvau the Druid and Steve Berclaz the Daredevil