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Predict our WvW linking and win some of my gold!


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Hi everyone,

After last the success just before last linking, and in good last-moment fashion, I've created a small competition once again where you can win some of my gold.

I'm putting 50G down of my own gold, if you can successfully predict the next server linking for our little corner of the game.

Again, if you would like to make the competition more interesting by upping the prize pool, feel free to send me something in game, dubcroster.3758 is the account name to use.

The form is here: https://goo.gl/forms/lNpWmJSSGaXU29xA3


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two answers can be verified but this make no sense: "How screwed are we?" who will decide the right answer :whistling:


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The "how screwed are we" question doesn't need to be filled out, and doesn't count in the competition :)


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So, nobody guessed RoF AND BT. A lot of people guessed RoF and something else, however only one had BT. So, I'm going to divide the prize (60G) like this:
50%, or 30G to the person (Irina) who guessed BT, and the last 50% will be divided to the six people who guessed RoF - so 5G each to them.

Congratulations to Irina, Liam, Emmo, Flextom, Kuh Schubser and Merlin.


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Time to run this again!
I'm starting the prize pool at 25G.

To win, fill out this form: http://tinyurl.com/goodbyeunderworld
EDIT1: Prize pool now 150G. I uppoed my own stake by another 25G and Liam donated 100G. Thanks Liam!

EDIT2: 160G! Thanks Flextom!

EDIT3: I'm about to announce the winner in a second. Thanks for the 20G from Flextom, 20G from Baldur and 7 Gold, 7 silver and 7 copper from Hell Guardian!
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And we have a winner! The winner is Typheus.1740 who won 200G 7S and 7C.

To make sure that everything was done fairly, I've made a video of the process.

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