Pain Killer [pK] is recruiting PvP-interested people

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Hi guys,

You might remember us from TOL, we are Pain Killer [pK] from Gunnars Hold. Since some of our core PvP players set sail to distant shores and different activities, we are looking for more active people to play PvP with.

We're looking for both new, experienced and veteran players. There is no required skill-level to join. We will help you get better. We have specialists on all classes to help you with builds, synergies, combo's, cross-class combo's/synergies.

All we ask is that you can use TS and the forum. We try to do daily guild tPvP, but sometimes people are to busy. So reinforcement couldn't hurt!

Besides that, we are always looking out for fresh (but experienced) blood for our tournament team. Preferable some heavy armors or bunkers right now. But we are thinking about expending and making 2 full pre-teams to increase our chances.

So, what do we offer you:
- A friendly community
- TS
- Forum
- Daily PvP
- Experienced players and teamleaders
- PvE, WvW and GM's besides PvP too, but totally free to join, not mandatory!

What do we ask of you?
- To register to and use the forum
- To be understandable if people are busy (some people just leave after 2 hours in the early morning cause there ain't no full team available, lots of our members have to work and will be online later on the day/evening/night)
- 100% representation, since we offer all aspects of the game, there should be no need to go rep a PvE guild or a WvW guild.
- To be friendly and respectful to both guildies and opponents!

If you are interested in joining, let me know here or ingame. Looking forward to meet some of you guys!
Ráven Crow aka NoWay.2013

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