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Official GW2 New Items and Anniversary Sales

Discussion in 'GW2 News & Discussion' started by Eye of Zhaitan, Aug 9, 2017.

By Eye of Zhaitan on Aug 9, 2017 at 1:35 AM
  1. Eye of Zhaitan

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    Apr 24, 2013
    The fifth anniversary of Guild Wars 2 is coming soon, and we’re celebrating with sales every day in the Black Lion Trading Company’s in-game store! We’ve also added new items to help you prepare for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™.

    Path of Fire Preparation Pack


    There’s no telling what you’ll encounter in the Crystal Desert—prepare yourself with this value pack of upgrades and items! The Path of Fire Preparation Pack contains 1 Character Slot, 2 Bag Slot Expansions, 1 Black Lion Instant Level-80 Ticket, 1 Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container, and 10 Black Lion Chest Keys.

    Black Lion Instant Level-80 Ticket


    Instantly boost one character to maximum level and take on everything Tyria has to offer right away. Your new level-80 character will receive a starting set of exotic gear and a box full of useful items to help you on your journey.

    Black Lion Exclusives Chest


    Black Lion Chests now have a chance to drop a rare chest containing nine exclusive items previously available as uncommon Black Lion Chest drops. These chests can be sold to other players on the Trading Post, and they offer a choice between the following: Grasping Phantom Glider, Mini Celestial Rooster, Infinirarium Glider, Candelabra Staff skin, Bitterfrost Vantage Point access, Noran’s Safe Room Pass and Key, Elemental Sword skin, Sworn Zaishen Helm skin, and Hounds of Balthazar Mail Carrier.

    Rival Skies Package


    Wield some dramatic contrast with an Icy Blade Axe and Fiery Blade Axe! These skins are available exclusively as a combo package.

    August Anniversary Sales – Week 1

    • August 09: 20% off Amethyst Aegis and Emissary’s Staff
    • August 10: 20% off Peacock Scepter and Dragon Kama
    • August 11: 20% off Caithe’s Bloom Dagger and Belinda’s Greatsword
    • August 12: 20% off Kurzick Dual Axe and Storm Bow
    • August 13: 20% off Chain-Whip Sword and Replica Mirror of Lyssa
    • August 14: 25% off Watchwork Mining Pick

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Discussion in 'GW2 News & Discussion' started by Eye of Zhaitan, Aug 9, 2017.