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Gunnar's Hold Representatives recruitment


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Hey all!

Since most of our Server Representatives have either quit the group or left the server, I felt it was time to recruit some new ones! This time, the selection will be a little more democratic and will have a little bit more of a ruleset. The rules will be:

  • One server representative per guild. So no 2 server reps from DS for example.
  • Regular meetings, biweekly or monthly to assess the situation.
  • Democratic voting. People will apply here, then there will be a voting.
  • We will recruit a total of 4 more server reps together with Merlin having a total of 5.
So, if you want to help the server and yourself please apply by posting down here.

Thanks all!

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Just a quick note for some information i forgot to mention :3

- The recruitment will only stop until we have found 4 or more applicants.
- The likes on this page do not count as votes, these posts count as applications. The voting will happen afterwards.
- If there arent more than 4 applicants for a while, those 4 will all become reps.

Hope this clears some stuff up :)

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