An open invite to smaller guilds on GH


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With the release of raids we, BaD, find ourselves in the position of being unable to field 10 players dedicated enough to succeed at them. As such we'll need some support either from randoms or other guilds, and I'm sure we're not alone in this. Our first attempt at a raid showed that it truly does require dedication, gear and patience to succeed. We had two out of three, that wasn't enough.

There are likely many more than just us unable to field the required players on GH, so with that in mind I'm hoping there are others here unable to meet the required 10 players, but are willing to make the commitment to form a regular party.

What I ask is that anyone wanting to give this a go is willing to use/listen to TS, change build, change gear or even change class if needed.

Also, don't let the title fool you, I won't turn you down even if you're alone or in a big guild :eek:


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Someone should really bump/make a thread in this forum that wasn't written ages ago by someone who left the server.

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