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Visko Bludhaven

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  • Visko,

    At March to Mount Maelstrom we ended up having the pubbies join us on Mumble and Aiyub was there to moderate. It turned out to be terrific fun and I would like to apply voice comms to my new PvE event in October.

    BUT! I realise that the TeamSpeak is slightly less secure than the Mumble - as it's just currently protected by a password. Do you think such public access would be practical on TeamSpeak by the end of October, or is it a no-go?

    Thanks as always,


    Are yer intending to keep the Mumble up until Sunday or so? March... could be its last hurrah. =D
    I hope you're attending Strike on Southsun Visko! It'd be nice to have you there!

    Oh, and do you think it'd be possible to create a separate Mumble channel for it on the night that we can move folks into?
    Hello, got a question , and since your mailbox is totally full D: , I'm gonna post it here ^^ .
    Could I add THIS LOGO into my screen-shots ?

    Edit : Thanks ! :D
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