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Playing A Game [TaG]

  1. Playing A Game
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  1. TaG is a PvX guild with a very strong emphasis on WvW. We are a raid group that doesn't only care for and enjoy having open field fights but helps to defend structures and home bl if help is needed. We are currently looking for active WvW players who enjoys open field fights and strives to become a better player.


    We have 3 raids per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Raids start at 19:30 UK time and end somewhere between 22:30 - 23:30 UK time.

    What we offer

    • Guild missions on Sundays at 19:00 UK time
    • Our own forum with build advice and for general socialising
    • A group who is experienced at open field fighting and defending structures

    What we expect from you

    • To be able to take constructive criticism
    • Change build to suit raid/party composition
    • Teamspeak 3. Mic is preferred but not mandatory (with an exception for eles)
    • We don't ask for 100% representation but we do ask that TaG be your main guild. Representation during raids is a must.

    If interested or for more information contact one of the following people in-game:

    • kwl.2601
    • Irina.1539
    • Judge.8754