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Hello, fellow Wuvers. Tired of those same old matchups? Hoping to test your mettle against some different opponents? We here at ArenaNet feel the same way.
Up until now, servers have been paired up literally 3 at a time by their precise rating. This doesn’t create a lot of variety in matchups, and it actually locks servers into distinct tiers from which they can never escape! “Muwaahahahahahaha!” is what the Guild Wars 2 World vs. World matchup system might say if it was an evil...
Provisional Junior Executive Blingg scowled as he stomped up the path to his front door. To call his company living quarters “modest” was far too generous. “Hovel-rific” was how he thought of it. The Consortium provided accommodations for its employees based on their previous year’s performance, and by all accounts Blingg’s previous year warranted not so much a house as a skritt hole.
“PJE Blingg, returning home,” he called. He discovered the hard way that if he didn’t announce himself...
Check out this week’s useful new inventions, courtesy of the inventive entrepreneurs at The Consortium! Take care of business without taking a break in the action with the Consortium Mobile Crafting Station and the Mobile Mystic Forge. It’s just one of the many ways The Consortium is improving your life!
Read on for more details about these new items and more!
You’re all that stands between the Southsun Cove settlers and annihilation in this monstrous finale! Learn more!

In this video, Guild Wars 2 Narrative Designer Scott McGough discusses The Consortium, an influential corporation whose pursuit of profit leads to big trouble on the island of Southsun Cove this May.

Official GW2 Welcome to Paradise

The ship’s gangplank descend and Inspector Ellen Kiel girded herself to greet the new arrivals. The word from on high was to keep all visitors to Southsun Cove as alive and intact as possible, and Captain Magnus was counting on her to deliver. Magnus navigated the dangerous...
Official GW2 The Secret of Southsun
The Secret of Southsun
The refugees from Flame & Frost who were resettled at Southsun Cove are up in arms over the restrictive residency contracts that prevent them from leaving. Tensions are high, and settlers are brawling with Consortium guards. What’s worse, the island’s local wildlife has been agitated and is even more aggressive and territorial than usual.
The Lionguard’s Inspector Kiel has been charged with quelling the violence so it doesn’t interfere with...
In this all-new content, you’ll join Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard on her mission to restore order to Southsun Cove before it’s too late. Protect the Southsun settlers, uncover the source of the mysterious animal attacks, play the new Crab Toss game, and more!
The Living World of Guild Wars 2 continues to grow and expand with each new month, and I’ll be your tour guide for May 2013.
Scott McG here, Narrative Designer and co-conspirator with fellow GW2 Narrative Designer Angel McCoy. Angel and I laid down the foundations for this year’s grand plan in terms of characters and plot arcs, but so far Angel and her team of artists, designers, writers, and audio engineers have been handling all the work.
Everybody needs backup now and again,...
In this video, Guild Wars 2 Narrative Designers Angel McCoy and Scott McGough discuss the lore behind the Flame and Frost storyline and how the characters and events lead into future Living World storylines.