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Frostbite always walked a little sassier in the Black Citadel. Rox wasn’t sure if her albino devourer felt invigorated by the wave of strength and confidence High Legion soldiers projected, or if he was intimidated and faking it in order to blend in.
Either way, she was glad at least one of them appeared bold. Tribune Brimstone had personally summoned her to his office, again, and it had sent her into an extended bout of quiet panic, again. In a city full of fearsome authority figures,...
Official GW2 Introducing The Wallet
Greetings adventurers! My name is Rob Thody and I am a QA lead and project coordinator of the Guild Wars 2 Live Response Team. On this development team we primarily spend time with fixing bugs and implementing quality of life features. With the help of both external and internal feedback, we selected the project for our first August launch; a tool that we hope will help make things a bit easier and convenient for players.
Allow me to introduce to you… the wallet!
Welcome to the first release of August, the Queen’s Jubilee!
Upon logging in to Guild*Wars*2, you will receive a mail from Queen Jennah of Kryta inviting you to a celebration being held in Divinity’s Reach.
If you want to travel to the human capital city in style, festive hot air balloons have been commissioned to ferry important dignitaries and noble adventurers from every corner of Tyria. Unfortunately, there are forces at work that will stop at nothing to sabotage the celebration....
Divinity’s Reach is hosting a magnificent celebration! Her Majesty Queen Jennah of Kryta is commemorating the tenth year of her rule and using the occasion to celebrate the triumph of humanity over the troubles they’ve encountered. Join Queen Jennah and her subjects as they rejoice in their indomitable spirit!
[h=3]LIVING WORLD[/h][h=4]Queen’s Jubilee[/h]A celebration to commemorate ten years of Queen Jennah’s rule is about to kick off in Divinity’s Reach! The queen has commissioned a new...
The Bazaar of the Four Winds is finished, the Zephyrites have signed their deal and flown away – and the Queen’s Jubilee is in full sway! The Black Lion Trading Company is getting into the celebratory spirit with some new mask skins and flashy Finishers. I’ve even managed to get some Royal Terrace Passes, which I’m happy to make available to you. Read on to find out all about this week’s offerings!
Hey all! In addition to working on a major tournament, The PvP team has been working hard to bring some new features to PvP. A lot of feedback from the community has been taken into account with our priorities, and we’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve seen in game and on the forums!
So let’s get to some of the new features and changes!...
You’ve worked hard to throw your support behind your candidate for the past two weeks and now it’s time to find out who won. The Support Tokens have been counted and the winner is none other than Captain Ellen Kiel.
Here’s a message with more details from Captain Kiel, herself.
People of Lion’s Arch,
I am deeply honored to take a seat at the Captain’s Council. Your support was crucial in securing the trade deal with the Zephyrites, and I won’t forget the faith you showed in me. Now the real...
Hi! I’m Rubi Bayer, ArenaNet’s Social Media Coordinator. The Guild Wars 2 social media outlets are a big part of our interaction with all of you, so I’d like to talk a bit about what you’ll find when you join this side of our community.
Our Facebook page is largely a place to see what’s happening in Guild Wars 2 and with your fellow community members. This is where we talk to you – and more importantly, where you to talk to us...
Official GW2 Dungeon Rewards
Hello! I’m Isaiah Cartwright, the lead game designer for Guild Wars 2, and I would like to talk to you about some of up upcoming changes to the ways we reward players for participating in dungeons.
Our goal is to make each and every dungeon path feel enticing and rewarding. We also want the rewards structure to encourage players to enjoy a variety of dungeon paths....
Divinity’s Reach is preparing for a magnificent celebration! Her Majesty Queen Jennah of Kryta is commemorating the tenth year of her rule. This is no ordinary Jubilee – the Queen is using this occasion to celebrate the triumph of humanity over the troubles they’ve encountered. Abandoned by the gods, besieged by the vile Elder Dragons, humans have still found it in themselves to prosper. Prepare to join Queen Jennah and her subjects as they rejoice in their indomitable spirit!...