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With a decision for GH to move to Discord having been seemingly made, the TS and forum will be wound down and I shall be stepping away from both. I am not going to entertain fracturing the community across comms. TS is in a reduced functionality, basic WvW Channels and Guild channels, and will be so for several weeks before going offline. The forum is currently closed to registrations, and is also largely cut down (forums have been archived, and should be read only.) The forums will be also be around for several weeks, but will be gone around the 24th May.

Stepping away has been a long time coming, in all honesty, and my intent to do so is something I've communicated to several others over the last year and a half. The decision by Flex and others to move to Discord has allowed me to bring this forwards much sooner.

It's been a ride since 2012, and GH has grown and changed a lot.

Please see Flex's post here for the link ( and direct any Discord related queries to Flex and Co.

Thank you to everyone who made the place what it was, from players through to volunteers who stood up to help out. It would never have reached where it did without any of you.

It's been fun, and it's been a pleasure. Keep on stomping!

- Visko


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Here since 2012 for me, seems like yesterday when I ran around PVE doing all the DEs with hundreds of other clueless players. Speed leveling in WvW running with the crowd, shooting into thin air since no one can see anyone around the map. Then this blue icon came along and start to run the place like he is da boss and the rest is history.

thanks for the work here, its been an amazing for everyone Im sure. See you guys on Discord.

PS: do you think we can keep an archive of the forum in wordpress or something?
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Thanks you Sir for all the work and effort in keeping this going over the years much appreciated, and a vital component in keeping the community going through the best and worst times for the server.

Cheers Fersum
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Hopefully I will see you again ingame ;)
Unfortunately the game as a whole doesn't have the same appeal to me it once did (and hasn't for a while.) It's not a no, but I'll need to see where I can make the time to do so :)

PS: do you think we can keep an archive of the forum in wordpress or something?
I'll see what I can do.

p.s. Private messaging should still be running, give me a shout over there if anyone wants contact details for the future (I know some of you already have them, just throwing it out there.)


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It's kind of weird for me to see the forums go down. Visiting them has been part of my routine since 2012, even during my (sometimes long) breaks from the game.

Thank you Visko for keeping up everything for so long and doing such an excelent work, especially when you don't really play anymore.


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Thanks for all the hard work Visko and thanks for helping me out all the time!
Thank you all for allowing me to do my job and an admin and it's sad to see this era go but sometimes you have to move with the times and just leave things behind.

Love ya'll!

Hall ;)

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Man we tried to "revive" the forums and attract the newer crowd so many times but it just isn't trendy enough. Thanks for hosting, though.
As a repository of information, something like Discord isn't any where close. They've made strides with the search and pinned messages, but there's (understandably) things not available such as tagging messages into categories etc. However, towards the end, the forum was pretty much just running as a chat room. At that point it makes complete sense to look and move to unifying VC/Text - something which Discord excels at.

I personally think it's much nicer to use than TS3, able to be run without installation, and has a free mobile app (compared to TS) - it's somewhat a shame there was such resistance to it previously. There's another general gaming community I look after that was migrated across last year. Any functionality we missed out of the box was easy enough to add through a custom coded bot.

For GW2? It's easy enough for a Guild to have their own Discord server and still be able to easily see a Community WvW server.

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thanks for all the work you put in over the years, have been a daily user of the teamspeak for most days since 2013, and have greatly appreciated having it! you did some good work, apart from when you made valki an admin, that was questionable.

I'm kind of disappointed that we're moving to discord instead of another TS, i probably won't use it because of how they handle information etc. so will have to make do with getting a guild ts up and running instead. but to each his own.


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Shame to see these forums go after all this time - I remember I used to frequent them a huge amount aeons ago.

Thanks to all staff members past and present, especially Visko, for keeping them and the TS going. Very few other servers have had a community website that's stuck around (at least without changing hands multiple times) for so long, that's for sure.


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It seems inadequate to just say "Thanks for all your efforts over the years", but that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Thanks, VIsko, for all your efforts over the years.:)

The thing I dislike about Discord the most is that it doesn't work as an archive for information, there are no "posts" or "articles" to read. There's no way Discord can replace forums, but I don't even play on Gunnar's anymore.

Much love.


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It's a shame to see it go after such a long time but it's understandable. It has been great to be a part of this community. Thank you Visko for all the work the over the past few years.

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